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75 years in business at the Outer Market of Sapporo Central Wholesale Market
It is a lively seafood market where you can taste the entire northern gourmet food.

Eat at Seafood Restaurant Kita-No-Gourmet-Tei

At Seafood Restaurant Restaurant Kita-No-Gourmet-Tei, our chefs who are experts in the way of enjoying delicious sea food will prepare each dish with their whole heart.
Products purchased at Seafood Market Kita-No-Gourmet-Tei can be cooked and served on the spot at the Seafood Restaurant.
Please enjoy the best seafood of Hokkaido with your family or tourist group.

Rice bowl dish

The rice used in rice bowl dishes is the original Hokkaido blended rice with suitable “Stickiness” and “Sweetness” as using the brand-name rice such as “Nanatsuboshi” and “Fukkurinko”, jointly developed with HOKUREN Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives.

  • Kaisen Donburi (Seafood bowl)

    Bowl of rice topped with 15 kinds of seafood! It is the No.1 popular rice bowl dish at our restaurant!

    Regular size 3,270 yen
    Small size 2,720 yen

  • Uni/Kani/Ikura Donburi (Bowl of rice topped with sea urchin, crab, and salmon roe)

    Flakes of king crab & hairy crab, soy sauce-marinated salmon roe, and meltingly-delicious Sea urchin preserved in saltwater.

    Regular size 3,490 yen
    Small size 2,830 yen

  • Uni/Ikura Donburi (Bowl of rice topped with sea urchin and salmon roe)

    Sea urchin and soy sauce-marinated salmon roe as a must-try seafood dish in Hokkaido. It is the No.3 popular rice bowl dish at our restaurant!

    Regular size 4,370 yen
    Small size: 3,270 yen

  • Toro Sanshoku Donburi (Bowl of rice topped with tuna, sea urchin, and salmon roe)

    Thick medium fatty tuna, meltingly-delicious sea urchin, and our specialty soy sauce-marinated salmon roe. It is the No.2 popular rice bowl dish at our restaurant!

    Regular size 3,490 yen
    Small size 2,830 yen

Sliced raw fish

Fresh seafood is prepared by our fish experts upon your order. We only use the carefully-selected fresh fish and shellfish.

  • Hokkai Gourmet Sashi 【A】

    6 kinds of sliced raw fish assortment: Tuna, sweet shrimp, scallop, whelk, surf clam, and squid.

    1,730 yen

  • Katsu-Ika Otsukuri (Sliced raw squid)

    Sliced raw squid with transparent flesh, crunchy texture, and gradually-spread sweetness that can be tasted only through freshly-served squid.

    Prices starting from 2,000 yen

  • Ensui Uni-Sashi (Sea urchin preserved in saltwater)

    Sea urchin softly melts, then the rich ocean flavor spreads out in your mouth.

    3,270 yen

  • Chutoro Sashimi ( Sliced raw fish of medium fatty tuna)

    Please enjoy both delicious red flesh and pleasantly-fatty flesh of tuna.

    2,060 yen

Crab and Grilled dish

Each dish is grilled over a charcoal fire along with savory aroma. We serve our dishes in the most delicious condition by adjusting the cooking time and heat depending on the ingredients.

  • Yaki-Taraba Gani (Grilled king crab: Half of a crab)

    King crab is grilled with the shell. Please fully enjoy the rich flavor of extra-thick crab meat!

    Prices starting from 8,770 yen

  • Kama Yude Kegani (Boiled hairy crab)

    Serve only carefully-selected hairy crabs from various regions of Hokkaido according to the seasons. Please enjoy the sweet and fresh meat with crab paste.

    Prices starting from 4,370 yen

  • Hotate Yaki (Grilled Scallop)

    Fresh scallop will be grilled at your table. Please enjoy the taste by grilling the scallop to your desired degree of doneness.

    690 yen

  • Abashiri Turi Nama Kinki Yaki (Grilled rockfish)

    Please enjoy the soft white meat of rockfish with overflowing delicious flavor and melty fat!

    Prices starting from 7,670 yen

Beverage/Liquor We mainly serve Hakkaido-produced liquors as well as highball (whisky and soda), sours, and various soft drinks.

●Beer (Sapporo classic beer sold only in Hokkaido)

●Cold Sake 【Sake brand (Place of production): Kita-no-katsu (Nemuro), Taisetsu-no-kura (Asahikawa), Otoko-yama (Asahikawa)、Otokoyama-cool (Asahikawa), Kita-no-homare (Otaru), Chitose-tsuru (Sapporo), Kita-no-nishiki (Kuriyama), Kunimare (Mashike) 】

●Shochu 【Kitari (Sweet potato Shochu) , Kitari (Barley shochu), Mitsuishi (Tangle Shochu), Rebuntou (Tangle Shochu), Tantakatan (Perilla Shochu), Grand Blue, various sours】

●Wine (Red/White wine produced in Urausu town, Hokkaido )

●Oolong tea, cola, orange juice, ginger ale, guarana drink

Purchase at Seafood Market Kita-No-Gourmet

“Seafood Market Kita-No-Gourmet” is a place where you can experience a realistic and lively conversation with our staff on your purchase decision. Our cheerful and knowledgeable staff will also recommend you to the best northern gourmet food! So please spend a fun time of shopping for our seasonal delicacies from all over Hokkaido.

  • Crab

    Since the establishment, “Seafood market Kita-No-Gourmet” has always been committed to purchasing and providing the highest quality products.
    For that reason, many of our customers purchase our products which are valued as a special gift or bringer of good luck on a certain occasion.
    So we provide crabs with the best quality in each season by carefully measuring and selecting each crab for our customers.

  • Salmon roe

    We use only the fresh and large salmon eggs from fatty salmons as being caught before going upstream in our designated areas of the Okhotsk Sea.
    Our chefs’ skilled techniques and intuition certainly maximize the flavor of the salmon roe marinated in a secret sauce.
    Since more than half of customers constantly become repeat customers, our salmon roe is proudly a specialty with overwhelming support.

  • Sea urchin

    We particularly focus on providing product quality while purchasing our products with the careful selection of product region according to the seasons.
    So our sea urchin certainly provides rich ocean flavor as growing up on high-quality kelp in Hokkaido.

  • Shima-Hokke
    (Atka mackerel)

    Shima-Hokke draws many ardent fans among the Kita-No-Gourmet customers because we offer the product after carefully selecting only fleshy, fatty, and well-shaped Atka mackerels in accordance with the strict standards of Kita-No-Gourmet.
    We also adopt an original processing method by drying the fish after marinating it in mineral-rich salt water called “Deep ocean water of Shiretoko-Raus”.

  • Salmon

    We offer only the finest salmons in a variety of suitable conditions according to the seasons.
    Our salmon-specialized expert staff also can answer various questions from customers such as recommended dish or serving idea.

  • Live shellfish

    We offer a variety of live shellfishes from the ocean of Hokkaido including scallop, abalone, mussel, and surf clam.
    With our recommendation for sliced raw shellfish or Sashimi, you can eat live shellfish in a wide variety of dishes. We also offer the processed products which can be easily cooked at home.

  • Raw delicacy

    Our raw delicacy products are produced through a special method by utilizing only the best quality and carefully-selected ingredients. So these fine raw delicacies are suitable for both rice and Sake.

  • Freshly-shaved kelp

    A special shaving machine has been installed in the store of Kita-No-Gourmet, and a skilled worker shaves dried kelp with fine adjustment.
    The dried kelp is originally blended with the natural premium kelp and the Gagome kelp, both produced in Hakodate.
    Because we packed the product right after shaving the kelp, you can enjoy its strong and flavorful taste.

You can fully enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits as gifts from the land. We also provide a wide variety of Hokkaido’s regular gourmet food such as Ramen, mutton barbecue, soup curry, and various popular confections.
So please fully enjoy whole tastes of Hokkaido!

Payment method

In addition to cash, the following credit cards and electronic money can be used for payment.

In-store view

You can see the in-store atmospheres and product photos. We offer a wide variety of the northern gourmet food including crab, salmon roe, and sea urchin. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 320 customers, elevator, and wheelchair-accessible restroom.

Store information

Kita 11-Jou Nishi 22-4-1 Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan 060-0011
※The store is located at the Outer Market of Sapporo Central Wholesale Market.
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●Business hours (Open throughout the year)

[Seafood Market Kita-No-Gourmet]
Open 6:00~17:00 (5/1~10/31)
7:00~16:00 (11/1~4/30)
[Seafood Restaurant Kita-No-Gourmet-Tei]
Open 7:00〜15:00 (Last Order 14:30)